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The Felling

The Felling banner was commissioned by the Felling Activities Project Group in 2012, in partnership with local schools Thomas Hepburn Community Academy, Heworth Grange Comprehensive and Brandling Primary School, Shipley Art Gallery, Beamish Museum, Gateshead Council and the local community. The project involved a number of workshops within local schools, which led to the production of a number of school banners. We also worked with the adult community through workshops at the Shipley Art Gallery, Felling library and the Brandling Community Centre. The banner was unveiled on 25 May 2012 at an event and parade through the Felling, commemorating the bicentenary of the Felling Mining Disaster. It was also paraded with the school banners at a special event at Beamish Museum. The banner was blessed at Durham Cathederal during the Durham Miners' Gala 2012, an event at which it is now regularly paraded, along with the Hepburn Memorial and Durham Banners Heritage Days. When not in use the banner is displayed at Christchurch, Felling.

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